I am Ex-GOP and I am endorsing Austin Petersen for President!

As a loyal, and vocal, member of the #CruzCrew…with the impending nomination of Donald Trump…I have officially decided to leave the Republican party and pledged to do everything in my power to make the GOP a “third-party” in the future.


After much thought, research, and prayer, I have decided that I will be joining the Libertarian Party.


I will be casting my support for Austin Petersen, who faces an uphill battle to win the nomination at the end of May 2016.


Here is my reasoning on voting for Mr. Petersen instead of Mr. Trump:


When faced with a choice between a small government candidate versus a candidate who is in favor of eminent domain and Universal Healthcare…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with a man who wants us to pay as little tax as possible, and has a “Penny Plan” to reduce spending versus a man whose tax plan will ADD $10 Trillion to the National Debt…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with a decision between a pro-life candidate versus someone who has been pro-choice most of their life and STILL supports federal funding for Planned Parenthood…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with a choice between someone who is a strong proponent of the second amendment versus someone who just recently “evolved” to a (mostly) pro-2A stance…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with a choice between a huge reduction in immigration spending verses a MASSIVE expansion in federal powers and workforce within the immigration department…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with someone who will limit our foreign aid and foreign wars versus someone who is already threatening to use nuclear weapons…


I choose Austin Petersen!


When faced with a choice between a pure defender of Religious Freedom versus a man who wants men to be allowed to use women’s restrooms with our daughters inside…


I choose Austin Petersen!


To be fair, some of Mr. Petersen’s stances are not directly aligned with mine, but he is a strong proponent of the 10th amendment, and will not force his views on the country.  His sole goal is to “Take over Government to leave everyone alone”.


I am officially (and proudly) endorsing Austin Petersen for The Libertarian Party’s Presidential Primary!


I encourage all of the CruzCrew to contact his campaign at www.austinpetersen2016.com to see how we can help him defeat his competitor at the Libertarian National Convention later this month.


Please consider casting your vote for the only pro-life, small government candidate left in the 2016 presidential race.  Thank you!


About Todd Hagopian (@ToddHagopian)

Todd Hagopian received his BA from Eastern Michigan University with a major in Political Science. After graduation, he worked as a Financial Advisor and a Bank Manager before returning to school. He attended Michigan State University, where he completed an MBA with a double-major in Finance and Marketing. Todd is now a Senior Product Development Manager for a Fortune 500 company. He frequently writes about business issues, social media strategy, and political issues that he finds important. Enjoy the blog!

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  1. Have you looked at the Constitution Party? As another Cruz supporter who is leaving the GOP, I think it is a closer fit. You should check it out if you have not done so.

    • Hello Debbie, thank you for the comment! I have looked at the Constitution Party, and while I do like their platform, I was thoroughly disappointed with who they chose to nominate. Candidate choices matter as much as the platform, which is why I left the GOP. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Glad to see you made that move. God bless your courage and conviction. It’s not about what team you’re on (red or blue). It’s about good ideas beating bad ideas. It’s about making choices based on intellectual honesty, moral courage, and honor and integrity. Not based on fear or hate, but on a commitment and determination to use our vote conscientiously. We are going to feel proud and affirmed exercising the glory of our democracy; not holding our nose while pulling a lever for reprehensible, despicable candidates.

  3. Question, what about Darrel Castle and Scott Bradley, the Constitution Party candidates for President and Vice President, disappointed you? I too was looking at the Constitution Party as a possible alternative to Trump and they seem very conservative.

    • They are fine men, but the Constitution Party does what they always do, and made a last-minute decision on who to nominate. Castle dropped out of the race in January due to health concerns, then rejoined the race a night before the convention, without discussing said health concerns. He didn’t have a working website, a social media team, or any grassroots organization. This could have been the year for the constitution party to pick up a lot of CruzCrew support, but they just didn’t choose their candidates wisely to take on Trump and Hillary, in my opinion. People can feel free to disagree.

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