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Attention Gen X & Gen Y: Sign this petition to save $120,000 (and Social Security)

closeup of US Social Security cards

closeup of US Social Security cards (Photo credit: SalFalko)

We are urging all Gen X & Gen Y taxpayers to sign the following petition:

According to the Social Security Administration, Social Security will be insolvent by 2033.  This means that if you were born after 1968, you will likely never receive a check from Social Security, yet you will continue to pay taxes to fund the retirement of others who paid far less than you will.

What Does That Mean For You?

If you are an average Joe/Jane, you probably make around $50K/year.  You will end up paying approximately $120,000 into Social Security before it goes belly up in 2033 (including your employers contributions).  You will get exactly 0% return on that investment, since you will never see a Social Security benefit check in your lifetime.

If you are a successful Gen X or Gen Y business person (or you think you will be in the near future), you could pay up to $500,000 into the Social Security system between now and 2033 (counting your employers contributions).  You will pay over $500,000 into an entitlement program that will never pay you a dime in return!

Ready to sign the Petition yet?  Click here:

Why Are Employer Contributions Important To Consider?

First of all, if you are self-employed, which many of the affected folks are, then you pay both the employee and the employer contribution.  Second of all, Employers pay over $400 BILLION dollars into the program each year.  This is money that could be given back to the employees in raises, given back to the consumers in lower prices, or given back to the shareholders in higher stock prices.  All of these affect YOU more than Social Security ever will, since you will NEVER receive a Social Security benefit check.

I assume that you are ready to sign now?  Click here:

This is a follow-up to my article on why Social Security should be labeled a Ponzi Scheme:

In today’s article, I am targeting my comments directly at the people who the politicians are hurting most by not reforming the popular entitlement program.

Attention Gen YYOU need YOUR help to stop this from happening!

Sign this petition (, share it with your friends, post it all over Social Media, and make a difference today!




Gen Y & Social Security – The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme!

Ponzi circa 1920

Ponzi circa 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Franklin D. Roosevelt delighted progressives around the country when he signed the Social Security bill in 1935.  In 1944, Ida Mae Fuller got the very first Social Security check, valued at $22.54.  Ms. Fuller, bless her heart, is going to be a critical piece in my argument against social security.  You see, a Ponzi scheme is basically a scheme where the very first investors make a very high return on their investment, and those who get in last lose all of their money (while their money goes to making the initial investors even more money).  Ms. Fuller is not a bad person, she just happens to be caught on the wrong side of history, thanks to an easy-to-pass, but impossible-to-manage piece of legislation:  Social Security.

To help make my point, let’s look at Ms. Fuller’s return on investment:

Ida Mae Fuller paid a total of $44 into the Social Security program, yet she received $20,993 in benefits.  That is a fantastic 47,475% return!

Personally, I will pay over $500,000 into Social Security, and I will never see a dime in benefits…

The Social Security Administration believes that the funds will run out in 2033, or 20 years from now.  I am a successful Gen Y business person.  Even if I forget about what I have paid up until today, I will pay over $500,000 in Social Security taxes (including my employer’s contributions on my behalf) over the next 20 years, before Social Security goes belly-up.  If I had enjoyed Ms. Fuller’s rate of return, I would receive approximately $238 Million in Social Security benefits…But, since Social Security is an enormous Ponzi Scheme, I will receive no money at all…Zero dollars.

The Government introduced Social Security just 13 years after Charles Ponzi was convicted for the largest Ponzi Scheme that the government had ever seen (prior to Bernie Madoff’s scheme in 2008).  Evidently, they had learned enough from Mr. Ponzi, that they thought they could continue getting elected in the short-term by introducing a Ponzi Scheme into National Politics.  The Democrats held the White House for an unprecedented 20-year span from 1932 – 1952.  No party had held the White House that long since 1827, and no party has held the White House longer than that run since then…so, apparently this Ponzi Scheme worked…

The biggest shame of all, is that people have known that this piece of legislation was flawed for years and have done nothing about it.  President Clinton investigated significant Social Security reform in the 90’s, which would have given individuals private accounts for their money to be saved in.  President Bush offered similar ideas, and pushed hard for their passage.  President Obama has offered no new ideas, and has taken entitlement program reform off of the table for all of the recent budget negotiations.

Apparently, since he won’t be president in 2033, this problem doesn’t need fixing…

Back to the point…The very first “investors” in Social Security made a 47,475% return…But, I will waste $500,000 on a program which will never pay me a dime…

How is this not a Ponzi Scheme?

Why aren’t there marches on Washington on this issue?

How is this not the #1 issue for Gen Y at the Ballot Box every year?

Attention Gen Y

Until we band together on this issue, we will never be heard.

Until we demand an answer, politicians will continue to avoid the third rail of politics.

Until we pool our votes together, we will never be powerful enough to force a policy change

What Should We Do Now?

Share this story on Social Media, talk about it at the dinner table, and be passionate about the issue!

Send a letter to your representative, tell them you will never vote for them again unless they fix the issue!

Demand a candidate with ideas, demand a candidate with answers, DEMAND A SOLUTION…NOW!

We Don’t Want Your Social Security $, Give Us Education Instead – Gen Y Petition

We, Generation Y, are offering up a solution to the Social Security Crisis that is gripping this country.  While our legislators continue to ignore the issue, my Generation Y brethren are busy coming up with innovative solutions to how we can get out of this mess.  We are offering to give up our “right” to our social security benefits in exchange for a free/subsidized education and the promise that our taxes will not be drastically raised to support a failing public policy which has rightfully been called a Ponzi Scheme.  While Social Security was once a great institution, powered by the pay-as-you-go methodology, where an equal number of people are paying into a system as the number who are being paid out.  It is now a Ponzi Scheme where a certain number of people are paying into the system and an exaggerated number of people are taking money out.  This system will collapse when the revenue cannot match the income payouts, which is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme.

In this article:  I have laid out a possible plan for how to get out of Social Security once and for all, and I am asking Gen Y to sign this petition by commenting on this blog post (or the one under the attached article).   In exchange for continuing to help fund the Baby Boomer’s retirement, Gen Y is asking for subsidized advanced education and an easing of the retirement savings regulation, which will both allow us to be the first generation in a 100 years to fully fund our retirement without the support of the Federal Government.  We are also asking that the Baby Boomers make some sacrifices of their own, however small, so that we can put an end to this system before it has disastrous consequences on the nation’s economy.

Please sign the attached petition by offering a comment in support of the petition below.  We are also very open to hearing your other ideas, if you are willing to offer them for public consumption.  This petition is an effort to change the conversation from “How to fix Social Security?”, to “How to end the losing battle that we are fighting with Social Security?”  If the politicians will not act, then we need to put our ideas on the table and force them to discuss them.  I hope you participate in what I anticipate will be an extremely animated discussion on this board.  Thanks!

Gen Y Social Security Proposal

Gen Y Social Security Proposal

The sad reality is that Social Security, in its current form, will never be around for most of us in Gen Y when we retire.  Politicians are too scared, too ideological, or too stupid, to be able to come together and pass a compromise that will keep the system working.  Currently, most sources say that the system is set to run out of money in 2039, well before we are eligible for the dollars.  The system started as a Pay-As-You-Go system, which takes money from people who are working now and gives it to an equal number of people in retirement. Today, under 25% of the population is over 65, but that number will rise to almost 40% in 2040.  What that means is that there won’t be enough people working to support the people who are collecting Social Security.  This is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme.  Money from new investors is used to pay old investors until the system collapses because there is too little “income” to pay out the expected “payments”.  What started as a great program, is a great program no more.  This Ponzi Scheme needs to be addressed in a major way and it needs to be done now!

No one is taking action on this issue, so I am calling on my fellow Gen Y’ers to be the solution to the problem today.  I am asking you to sign a petition to forego your Social Security Retirement benefits.  If you would like to sign the petition, all you have to do is make a comment on the bottom of the page in support of the initiative.  All we are asking is that the politicians put together a group to study this as a possible solution to the Social Security Crisis.

Why Should You Do This?

At the current rate, you will pay 4% – 6% on your income for your entire working life.  That means that a worker who averages $50,000/year could pay over $125,000 in taxes and never see a dime of Social Security if the politicians are too scared, too idealogical, or too stupid to pass real social security reform.  This means that most of you will get less than 25% of that money back.  In order to keep Social Security solvent, the government is going to have to drastically increase the social security tax, which will make this return on investment go even lower for those of us who will be working for the next 50 years.  This is not an investment, this is a Ponzi Scheme!

What Will You Get In Return?

Under this plan, you will continue to pay the 6% until 2040, but anyone who has paid at least 10 years of social security taxes will be eligible to have their student loans eliminated after the 10th year of paying the social security tax.  This means that if you start working the day you graduate high school at age 18, your government student loans would be paid for when you are 28 (you would pay the payments on them until then).  Basically, this will allow the Social Security system to survive until 2040, by using our revenue to pay for the Baby Boomer’s retirement, and it will serve as an incentive for Gen Y to go back to school and get as educated as possible for two reasons:  1)  The Government will foot the bill.  2)  We will need the education to make enough money to fund our own retirement without government handouts.

Under this plan, the retirement contribution limits will also be removed.  This will allow us to take advantage of tax-free or tax-deferred investments in a major way so that we can fund our own retirement in the future.  For example, today you might only be able to put $5,000/year into a tax-free Roth IRA (Retirement account) and you cannot contribute once you make a significant income.  By eliminating both of those limits, you will be able to save into a tax-free retirement account for your entire life, which will make funding your own retirement much easier, and will be much cheaper for the government than it would be to keep social security alive.

What Are We Asking For?

1)      Eliminate all Social Security taxes after 2040.  Eliminate Social Security benefits for anyone born after January 1st, 1980. 

2)      Immediately remove income limits on the Social Security taxes – High-Income people should continue to pay Social Security tax on their entire income just like the rest of us.

3)      Move the retirement age up to 69 by 2030 – We are already moving the retirement age to 67 by 2022, based on the increased life expectancy, we should move the age to 69 years old.  Retirement was never meant to last 30+ years when Social Security was introduced.

4)      Immediately remove federally-mandated income and contribution limits from all tax-free and tax-deferred retirement accounts.

5)      Put in a Federal Government Student Loan waiver for anyone who will not be eligible for Social Security (Gen Y) after they have paid into the system above x-level for 10 years.

Benefits & Consequences


1)      Gen Y will have a motivation to get advanced degrees, paid back by the government, to help them fund their own retirement.

2)      Retirement saving will go up dramatically once the contribution limits are removed, and every generation (including Gen Y) will become less dependent on the Ponzi Scheme we call Social Security.

3)      We will not see an enormous increase in taxes in order to fund Social Security indefinitely.  Gen Y will still see a poor return on our Social Security tax dollars (which is what we are giving up), but in return we will be guaranteed that these Social Security tax dollars don’t triple when legislators finally realize that they need to drastically raise taxes in order to keep the system going.


1)      The insurance companies will immediately come out with Social Security programs for people who still want to have that type of protection

2)      The government may eventually have to come up with lighter social programs for the poverty-level Gen Y’ers who will not (or choose not) to benefit from the low-cost education this program would offer.

3)      Colleges will have to be kept in check to make sure that they don’t gouge Gen Y with higher tuition knowing that Gen Y will have a government-subsidized college education.

I am offering up this document to start a much-needed debate in this country about how to handle the Social Security crisis.  I believe that Gen Y would gladly give up their Social Security checks in exchange for education opportunities, greater retirement saving flexibility and a promise that we won’t have to pay ridiculously high taxes in the future to make sure that this poorly-constructed program continues indefinitely.  Please offer constructive comments/feedback and keep this conversation going until we have a solution.  Thank you all for caring about this country!

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