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Foreign Aid: The Real Story On How Much It Costs

Libyan Protesters Demand Security in Tripoli

Libyan Protesters Demand Security in Tripoli (Photo credit: United Nations Photo)

Over $1,000 per Federal Tax-paying Household goes to Foreign Aid every single year.  That is a fact.

The Liberal media enjoys calling attention to the fact that Foreign Aid only makes up 1% of the National budget.  They like to ignore the fact that Foreign Aid has been going up drastically ever since our economy has been collapsing.  Our government has decided that now is the best time to send money abroad, rather than use it at home.  They also fail to mention the fact that Foreign Aid would be much more than 1% of the National budget if the National budget was as small as it should be!  We are adding trillions of dollars to the National Debt per year, so assessing different programs as a percent of the National Budget is just a shell game to make everything look small so that you won’t realize how quickly the numbers add up.

Now that we are knee-deep in the Great Recession, we need to look at every expenditure and justify it.  So…how do we justify things like…

Foreign Aid has grown over 300% over the last ten years…while the economy has been declining

We gave Afghanistan over $11 billion in 2010

We have Pakistan almost $3 billion in 2010

We gave Israel almost $3 billion in 2010

We gave Iraq over $2 billion in 2010

Egypt and Haiti also got over $1 billion

How do we justify all of this spending when we are so broke at home?  I am not arguing that we should knock it down to zero.  I am simply arguing that our Foreign Aid should not be rising 300% during a time when we have had terrorist attacks, wars, and a Great Recession to deal with.  That, in my opinion, is irresponsible government.  What do you guys think?  We would love to hear from you.  Share this with your friends and family, and encourage them to share their thoughts.  Enjoy!


What Does The Federal Government Know About Financial Literacy?


Does anyone else find it ironic that a government with a $14 Trillion Debt runs 20 different agencies with 56 different programs dedicated to financial literacy?


There is nothing responsible about the way this government runs its finances, yet we let them spend millions of dollars every single year “educating” others on Financial Literacy?


Does anyone else think that is absolutely crazy?


If you would like some wasteful spending examples, please visit my post outlining some of the most hilarious ones…


If you would like to read about how responsible the government is at owning land and using it effectively, please read this article on our nation’s biggest landowner (the Federal Government)…


If you would like to read about the history of the income tax, and how liberal politicians like to lie about it, please read this article which explains that America has spent more than half of its history with no income tax at all…


Need Wasteful Spending Examples? Use These Examples In Your Political Arguments!

Here is a (short) list of some of the projects that you should quote when making your arguments that government spending has gotten out of control. The next time you are arguing with a big-government individual, drop some of these tidbits at them, then come back and post their response for us here at  This should be fun!  Enjoy!

Wasteful Spending Examples

$600K to study what makes chimps want to throw their feces at each other (I am NOT joking)

$600K study on online dating habits

$200K study on whether tweeting and friending makes you happy

$440K to have attendants push buttons in elevators on capitol hill

$1.3 Billion in farm subsidies checks were sent to Urban addresses…including “farmers” in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, and New York City

Over $380 million every year is spent sending politicians and bureaucrats around on non-commercial planes, even though commercial routes exist.

10 years ago, the government owned 430,000 vehicles, and the Grace Commission proposed cutting that number to 215,000 vehicles….the Government now owns 560,000 cars, trucks, and LIMOUSINES!

113K for a video game preservation center in New York

$10 million for a remake of “Sesame Street: (yes…the tv show) for Pakistan

550K for a documentary on how rock music contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union

$600 million has been accidentally paid out to dead federal employees over the last 5 years

China is our biggest debt holder, but we gave them $18 million in foreign aid in 2011

$500K for a study to see if you should trust random people’s tweets on twitter

$1.35 million to train new entrepreneurs sounds good….but it might have been cheaper if it was not in BARBADOS!

$200K for a government version of Farmville (supposedly to teach kids about nutrition)

Other projects include:

A study on whether playing Farmville on facebook helps people have more solid relationships in real life

A study on why the same teams constantly dominate March Madness

A study on whether online dating site users are racist in their dating habits


Please Sign This Petition To Repeal The Gas Tax!

Join Me In Urging All Levels Of Government To Repeal All Taxes On Fuel

The federal government enjoys taxing its citizens because they believe that they can spend the money better than we can.  For decades, there has been an ongoing discussion on what the government should pay for and how much they should be able to tax.

Unfortunately, the cowards in Washington DC only spend time talking about the taxes that are visible to the American Public.  Hardly anyone even realizes that the average American pays almost 50 cents a gallon every time they purchase gas.  That means that most Americans will pay thousands of dollars in hidden taxes over the next decade.

We need to end the Federal Gas Tax, and urge states to do the same.  Please “sign” this petition by commenting/sharing the article all over social media.  Below are some facts on why this is one hidden tax that needs to be eliminated in order to help get the United States out of the current recession.  Please share this article with all of your friends, followers, and connections.  Thanks!

How Gas Prices Affect Americans

Lower Consumer Confidence

Lower Consumer Spending

Lower Auto Sales

Less Jobs

Higher Energy Prices

Higher Prices On Consumer Goods & Services


How Gas Prices Affect Businesses

Less Hiring

Higher Raw Material Prices

Higher Product Costs

Higher Service Costs

Higher Car Fleet Costs

Less Investment In The Business


How Do Gas Taxes Affect You?

The average American will lose thousands of dollars to the gas tax over the next several years

Eliminating Gas Taxes would pump $43 billion back into the economy each and every year


Who Are The Biggest Gas Tax Offenders?

The Federal Government charges 18 cents a gallon, and they allow the states to charge additional taxes

Drivers in CA, HI, & CT pay over 65 cents a gallon in gas taxes

Drivers in MI, IN, IL, NC, & WA pay over 56 cents a gallon in gas taxes

Drivers in FL, NV, WI, WV, & RI pay over 51 cents a gallon in gas taxes

Gas Tax – 1-pager

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