I am the future 1% – Why do you hate me?

This is an essay from someone who is destined to be in the 1% before long.  This group, the 1%, has been vilified in the media, eviscerated by Liberal groups, and demonized through political rhetoric during the Obama years.  Are these people really the devil?  Or is it possible that they are exactly the kind of hardworking, down-to-earth, creative-thinking people who we need to pull our country out of the hole that we have dug ourselves?


–          I am the future 1% – This is my story

–          I’m 5 foot 2 – Studies indicate I will make $237K less than the avg. 6 foot tall man in my lifetime

–          I started working at 14 at a fast food restaurant – I rode my bike to work every day

–          I did not make over $5/hour until I had gotten three raises and an assistant manager promotion

–          I worked full-time in High School while competing in sports and making the honor roll

–          I never did drugs, partied, or drank in High School


–          I am the future 1% – Should I have enjoyed High School more?  Worked less?  Partied harder?

–          I got a promotion to manager at the age of 18, after working at the same place for 4+ years

–          I didn’t get into my preferred college – I went to another school, quit for 1 yr before returning

–          I was arrested for drinking underage during college – I decided not to let it define who I was


–          I am the future 1% – Should I have given up when adversity struck for the first time?

–          I worked full-time and slowly finished college in 6 years after much prodding from my parents

–          I took a 100% commission job at a Fortune 500 company, fought hard for every meal for a year

–          I was arrested again – I decided to make myself a better person instead of spiraling downward



–          I am the future 1% – Should I have given up when everything seemed to be going against me?

–          I got promoted after a year of outstanding work – putting in more hours than anyone else

–          I moved to another Fortune 500 company, this time as a Bank Manager

–          I bought a house at the height of the housing boom – I am currently still $50K underwater on it

–          I took out over 80K in loans so I could quit my job and go back to school for my MBA


–          I am the future 1% – Should I have saved my money, settled down, and stopped progressing?

–          I received a Manager offer from another Fortune 500 company after business school

–          I got married to the love of my life and bought another house in a small town

–          I turned around two struggling business units, and quickly got promoted to Senior Manager

–          I am the future 1% – Should I have just enjoyed the ride and collected a paycheck?

–          I welcomed my first child into our family, and named him after my Grandfather

–          My wife runs a small business while raising our son full-time – She is absolutely amazing

–          Our current Net Worth is still below zero, though we are starting to catch up

–          I am currently in the top 13th income percentile at age 32…


–          I am the future 1% – Should I feel bad about what I have accomplished?

–          Would you rather I fell apart after the arrests and became a burden on society?

–          Would you rather I didn’t graduate college?


–          I am the future 1% – Should I feel bad about working hard to get ahead?

–          Would you rather I didn’t make an $80K bet on myself and my abilities?

–          Would you rather I coasted along in mediocrity without ever offering my employers value?


–          I am the future 1% – Why do you hate me?

About Todd Hagopian (@ToddHagopian)

Todd Hagopian received his BA from Eastern Michigan University with a major in Political Science. After graduation, he worked as a Financial Advisor and a Bank Manager before returning to school. He attended Michigan State University, where he completed an MBA with a double-major in Finance and Marketing. Todd is now a Senior Product Development Manager for a Fortune 500 company. He frequently writes about business issues, social media strategy, and political issues that he finds important. Enjoy the blog!

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